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Stay Healthy

Staying healthy - supplements for health and wellbeing

Staying healthy is the main goal for most athletes, even if you have other goals like losing weight or gaining muscle as well. Supplements can play an important role in delivering good nutrition, nutrients that may be lacking in your diet or something more specific to your health.

Eating healthily is vital for staying healthy yet it’s often hard to eat nutritious meals every single day. Meal Replacements make a great choice as they are convenient, packed with protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Having regular meals every day keeps your metabolic rate high, delivers fuel to your body and keeps your energy levels high. Plus the convenience of an MRP means you can take it anywhere with you and not have to worry about skipping any meals.

Even the healthiest person can be depleted of certain nutrients, so taking a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement gives you assurance that your body is getting everything it needs to keep you in the best of health.

Our Men’s and Women’s Health sections have multis that are designed specifically for each gender and fulfill certain requirements, such as more iron for women and zinc for men. Each gender may find that they need other supplements to preserve well-being.

The male hormone, Testosterone, decreases in males as they age so taking Tribulus Terrestris or ZMA can help prevent the side effects of decreased testosterone in male athletes.

For females, some supplements can positively affect a woman’s health at certain times in her life, such as during pregnancy, menstruation or menopause. Women also have an increased need for Calcium to prevent osteoporosis, especially when nearing menopausal age and beyond.

Both genders benefit from a Joint Support supplement which protects joints, ligaments and tendons to prevent injuries both from working out and everyday life. If you have specific health conditions or a family history of medical complaints, there are specific supplements to protect the heart, build immunity and even antioxidant formulae to neutralise free radical build-up that can damage cells.

Lastly our Training Stacks combine the ‘best of the best’, combining supplements from various categories to ensure you get the right products in the right combination.

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