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Supplements For Basketball

Basketball is a very intense sport that involves rapid movements, speed, accuracy and power. Supplements can be a valuable asset to a serious player who wants to maximise their training and increase endurance so he maintains high energy levels right through the end of the game, and recover quickly afterwards.

The sport of basketball involves having both aerobic and anaerobic fitness. It’s necessary to maintain a fast pace throughout the game, particularly if you’re a Point Guard player who controls the ball.

Whichever position you hold, anaerobic fitness is needed for shooting, passing and dribbling the ball. The effective ball skills require mental focus and quick reactions; especially good players who dribble low so a defender can’t take the ball or for the skill of jump shots, where the ball is thrown from a mid-air position.

Good nutrition practices not only improve basketball skills and prolong the intensity of your play but reduce the possibility of injury, which often occurs when energy runs low towards the end of the game.

Sports supplements are complimentary to an athlete’s diet and can improve training and speed recovery to enable you to reach the next level.

Good nutrition is vital to any athlete but basketball players typically need even more caloric intake due to their height. It can often be hard to cram so many calories into a day, particularly when traveling to a game, so Ready-to-Drink nutrition shakes make a convenient choice. They will provide a good source of carbohydrates which are important particularly before the game, so glycogen levels are stocked, both for muscular energy and mental focus.

Ready-to-Drinks provide moderate protein for muscular repair. Hydration is important to replenish fluids lost from the body through sweating and for hydrating in the hours proceeding tip-off in preparation for intense exercise. Electrolyte drinks can optimise the body’s fluid level by replenishing sodium and potassium.

Energy supplements can improve athletic ability and give the mental agility needed by basketball players who are required to anticipate other players and opponent’s moves.

Creatine can increase muscle power, prolong intensity during games and has even been shown to improve jumping height. As basketball is very much a stop and go sport, rapid replenishment of ATP is vital and loading with creatine can optimise the body’s ATP levels.

Protecting your joints from overuse injuries is imperative, especially due to the fast paced, intense nature of basketball. Even a slight injury could keep you out of the game for weeks or months, so a Joint Supplement can strength joints, tendons and ligaments so you stay in good shooting form.

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