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Supplements For Skiing

For those who adore the winter outdoors, there are numerous types of skiing from cross country to Nordic to freestyle. Skiing requires skill, endurance and can incinerate calories so it’s vital to fuel before each run and at the end of the skiing day to maximise your performance.

Building muscle can make you a better skier and allow you to carve up the slopes with more efficiency. As well as increasing your skiing fitness, you’ll improve your stamina so you can ski for longer without getting tired.

Using nutritional supplements can optimise your nutritional intake so you can fuel prior to hitting the slopes and get speedier recovery as soon as you’ve done. Taking in carbohydrates every few hours while on the mountain is important to restock muscle glycogen but you don’t want heavy meals that can cause upset stomach.

Ready-to-drinks make an ideal choice for taking up the mountain as they’re easy to transport and digest quickly providing essential carbs with muscle building protein.

It’s important to replace lost fluids to prevent cramping so sports drinks can replace lost minerals and rehydrate the body. Even in cold temperatures skiers wear layers of clothing and can lose fluid through sweating due to the energy burned when skiing.

Energy & Endurance supplements such as Energy gels or sports drinks replace muscle glycogen that’s used for energy and give you the stamina to stay on the slopes all day. Post workout recovery is important so you don’t get sore the next day, particularly if you plan to ski again and use the same muscles repetitively.

Taking L-Glutamine and Branch Chain Amino Acids can reduce muscle soreness as well as boost the immune system. Even in the off-season many serious skiers like to stay in shape through other sports like biking or hiking so maintaining strength is important.

Taking sports supplements during the off-season can keep you trim and fit and incorporating meal replacements or nutrition bars can keep you on track nutritionally so you don’t lose muscle tissue when you can’t ski.

Both inexperienced skiers and seasoned veterans are prone to injuries from falling down and broken bones are common in the sport of skiing. Taking a Joint or Bone supplement reduces the risk of injury by strengthening both joint and bone tissue.

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