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Nutrex Research markets cutting edge, award winning sports nutrition and sports supplements for bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and gym goers. Established in 2002, Nutrex aren’t backwards in coming forward. The company has always strived to offer innovative, cutting edge bodybuilding supplements that stand out from the crowd. From liquid capsule formulations through to ultra concentrated ingredients, Nutrex works hard to establish its competitive edge.

In 2012 the company took a massive step forward as they opened their new headquarters in Oviedo Florida, with state of the art technology and a whole new set up. This building is 80,000 square foot, a massive leap compared to the early days where they were boxed into a small room. This truly illustrates the growing reputation and respect Nutrex is earning as it is fast becoming a global leader in the supplement industry.

Starting out with a brilliant protein supplement, Nutrex have continued into fat loss shakes and pre-workout formulas, as well as a host of other sports nutrition products which have enabled sports figures and gym addicts to reach new levels and hit new heights in their workouts.

A large number of well known professional athletes and bodybuilders have become synonymous with the Nutrex name, as they proudly wear the t-shirt, chug the supps and shout the name from the rooftop. Some of these include IFBB pro bodybuilder Zack Khan, also known as the King, IFBB figure pro Larissa Reis and IFBB bikini pro Nathalia Melo (who actually won the 2012 Ms Bikini Olympia).

We stock the full Nutrex UK range on the SNC Direct, from classics such as BCAA Drive Back and Lipo-6 CLA, as well as new products such as Hemo Rage Black and Amino Drive, all at their cheapest price. We will continue to release new products onto the site the moment they become available, while we will also continue to stock them at amazingly discounted prices. Plus if you order to a UK address and spend over £50, you can benefit from free delivery on your Nutrex supplements.

The Amino Drive is a high dosage BCAA formula, helping you to take in perfect amounts of leucine, in order to increase protein synthesis and decrease muscle protein breakdown. With added glutamine and creatine, this offers everything you need in an intra workout drink, also perfect to take before exercising. We also stock this product in a tablet form.

If you are specifically after either glutamine or creatine, we stock both as seperate Nutrex supplements, offered as a powder which can easily be added to a shake.

Hemo Rage is one of the most well known Nutrex supplements, a great pre workout to get you feeling ready for a hard hitting gym session. containing creatine, caffeine, taurine, L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate, Acetyl-L-Tyrosin and Paullinia Cupana, you will get all the ingredients you need to feel a buzz from start to end, without the crash. If you want a quick strong version of this, we also stock this in an energy shot version.

If your aim is to lose some weight, then Lipo-6 Carnitine should be a consideration for you, designed to reduce body fat and convert fat into energy, without the use of any stimulants. It will also increase your endurance, meaning your gym performance will benefit.

Another fat loss product is Lipo-6 CLA, an ingredient which will not just help you to lsoe weight but also to increase muscle mass and create a leaner looking body. Once again, this is stimulant free, so you can mix it with any supplement you wish.

New to the shelves is the ultimate underground muscle building protein, Muscle Infusion, part of the Nutrex Black range. What has mainly stood out with this product is the flavour, which has been praised by athletes and media alike. Our favourite is the cookie madness flavour.

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