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Pre-Workout Supplements

Taking a Pre-Workout supplement can make the difference between a mediocre or amazing workout. These formulas can boost performance whether you’re lifting weights, running or playing general sports. Pre-workout supplements are designed to provide both immediate short-term energy, increasing stamina and endurance for longer workouts. They can also support faster recovery which may lead to greater gains and improved performance.

By fueling your body pre-workout you prevent catabolism of muscle and you ensure that your glycogen and fluid levels in the body are at an optimal level for the length of your workout.

This category covers pre-workout supplements for both weight training and endurance athletes. Some products supply immediate energy to intensify your training, such as Caffeine and Caffeine Formulas.

Others are designed specifically to replenish glycogen stores so you can train for longer, for example Energy products like Bars, Gels and Powders. Often these include Electrolyte Replacement so you’ll be properly hydrated which is particularly important for endurance sports, like long-distance cycling.

Creatine based pre-workout supplements help to increase cell volumisation and give you more power, particularly important for weight-trainers.

Nitric Oxide formulas also work on increasing muscle pumps and are often used by lifters so enhance muscle size and strength. Some supplements even include ingredients like L-Glutamine which acts as a strong anti-catabolic and can improve immunity.

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