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Meal Replacement Bars

What is a meal replacement bar?

A meal replacement bar is a bar (often high in protein) that is intended to replace the need for a meal or a snack in someone’s diet. These are ideal for people who don’t always have the time of prepare a full meal. Meal Replacement bars are formulated with the highest quality ingredients and maximum taste to help sustain you throughout the day. Whether you’re in between meals, at the gym or need to grab a healthy snack, meal replacement bars are tasty and convenient.

What are the benefits of taking meal replacement bars?

Meal replacement bars can help those that are trying to gain weight by providing a great mix of protein, carbohydrates and calories. On the other hand, they can help those that want to lose weight by providing a tasty, nutritious alternative to eating a whole, calorific meal. They can be used to whatever extent you want, to replace two meals a day to help you lose weight fast, or simply to supplement your already calorific daily intake in order to help promote lean muscle mass gains.

Can there be any adverse effects from taking meal replacement bars?

If taken as suggested, there won’t be any adverse effects from taking these bars. If you have any allergies please read the packaging as they often contain nuts or gluten. Some adverse effects may occur if meals are replaced by these bars far too often.

Can these bars truly replace a good meal?

While in the short term, or every so often, it is fine to replace a meal with these products, it is not recommended that you replace a number of meals with these bars. Just like other supplements they are intended to be taken alongside a healthy diet and a suitable exercise regime, rather than to get results on their own. Always remember that at the end of the day there is no real replacement for a balanced, nutritious meal.

Should I take these bars if I am bulking or cutting?

Meal replacement bars are great for those that are either bulking or cutting. For those that are bulking the combined carbohydrate, protein and calorie elements of the bars can be great for helping you pack on the pounds, while retaining lean muscle mass. On the other hand if you are cutting, the bars do allow you to essentially ‘skip’ the odd meal, as long as you are eating healthy and well within your macronutrient requirements each day.

There are a number of bars which are completely tailored to different training goals, so you have the ‘lean’ types which are low in sugars and carbs overall, while their will be a much higher carb rate in ones aimed at people looking to pack on some size.

As well as an alternative to a meal, these protein bars are also a great snack to keep at the office for when you feel like a snack and are starting to look over at the vending machine. We strongly recommend always working out your daily macro nutrient requirements and for this reason we recommend checking each products 'nutrition and usage' tab on the product page so as to assess what is in each bar and how it will affect your levels of nutrients. You will struggle to find a cheaper place in the UK for Meal Replacement Bars

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