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BPI Sports

BPI Sports markets hard core bodybuilding supplements and sports nutrition for bodybuilders and professional athletes. In a short space of time BPI Sports has emerged as one of the fastest growing supplement companies thanks to their advanced formulas and word of mouth.  With new breakthrough products to come that will redefine existing supplement categories, BPI is already one of the hottest brands around. 

The company began as two people in South Florida with a desire to produce a range of supplements that went the extra mile. They've now gone from a one thousand square foot office to a 53,000 square foot corporate office. Their product range is now much wider than when they started out, it has even grown to include the four times Mr Olympia Jay Cutler Elite Series. BPI Sports has been winning large numbers of globally recognised awards over the past couple of years as their fame continues to grow exponentially.

BPI Sports is supplied internationally across 97 different countries and has been awarded both the ‘Rising Star of the Year’ award and the ‘Brand of the Year’ award. BPI Sports’ products are engineered for both taste and results, they know what their audience wants and creates their products to suit their needs.

It doesn't stop there however, a whole new range of supplements will be released over the next year, so make sure you check this page regularly to see which new updates and product releases we have in store. We might also run a deal or a promotion around a product release or even a competition, so keep your eye on this page.

BPI has three sister brands, Image, Pro-Nutra and the Jay Cutler range. Image Sports is all about letting you train harder, better and stronger. Pro-Nutra is tailored more for the female audience, especially for those with children – they realise that often looking after children and maintaining a strict exercise and diet regime aren’t necessarily easily compatible, so they provide quick, easy and healthy supplements to really let you live your life as you want to. Finally, Jay Cutler’s Jay Cutler Nutrition range is for ‘the real muscle builder’ – in his range is a number of supplements ideal for those looking to build mass, or lean body muscle tissue.

One of SNC’s recommended BPI Sports products is Build-HD, Build-HD is a supplement that when consumed regularly, alongside a heavy workout schedule can have a massive impact on your lean muscle tissue gains. It is the only Neurocognitive Enhanced Concentrated Creatine available in the world at the moment and is amazing for building both size and strength healthily.

Another SNC recommended product is BPI Sports’ Solid, Solid is a pre-contest supplement that causes no water retention, promotes body tightening and massively increases muscle definition. It is made using completely natural products and has a massive effect on your metabolism.

Our newest BPI products are B4 capsules and Pump-HD. B4 capsules are extremely high quality, efficient fat burners designed to supplement a weight loss program. It has appetite suppressing characteristics and helps increase energy and intensity levels for those strenuous workouts or exercise sessions. Pump-HD contains lots of potent stimulants designed to kick start and maintain vigorous activity throughout the day. It is perfect to be taken just before your workout as it doesn’t just contain stimulants, it is also extremely high in amino acids and electrolytes.

BPI Sports has a number of ambassadors that represent their brand. These ambassadors range from fitness models to even a civil engineer. Their ambassadors are Fiona Harris, Nick Geris, Melissa Tucker, Lauren Fazio, Melanie Trudeau, Erin Oakie, Kimberly Hoogendoorn and Guillaume Pelletier.

Fiona Harris: Fiona Harris is an IFBB Fitness Professional from Canada. She has competed at both the Fitness Olympia and the international Arnold stages. She is both a competitor, a personal trainer and a nutritionist.

Nick Geris: Nick Geris is an award winning natural bodybuilder from Ontario. He took up bodybuilding after experiencing masses of weight loss following a number of dental surgeries.

Melissa Tucker: Melissa has a comprehensive background in fitness, nutrition and holistic wellness. She competes in professional fitness competitions and has even represented Canada.

Lauren Fazio: Lauren Fazio earned her CBFF national qualification within a year of first competing. Her passion for motivating other women to achieve similar results to her lead her to starting Team Vixen, a coaching business.

Melanie Trudeau: Melanie is a CBBF National Figure competitor from Manitoba and is also a civil engineer. She first started the gym when she was 20 at University, and never looked back. She has come either first or second seven times at provincial and national level competitions, including two CBBF National Figure Champion titles in the medium-tall class.

Erin Oakie: Erin Oakie was involved in downhill skiing from an early age. While she gave up skiing when she joined University, she had a friend that competed in figure competitions and swhe thought it would be enjoyable to compete. One her debut night she won her height category and went on to win the overall title. She then went on to come first in her class in the OPA Provincial Championships. She won her first IFBB Pro title at the CFBB Nationals in 2013.

Kimberly Hoogendoorn: Kimberly used to run both Triathlons and marathons, yet after an injury decided to migrate into the weight room. Soon after she won her WBFF pro and now has her sights set on winning an IFBB pro card.

Guillaume Pelletier: Guillaume has been training since an early age. He has been awarded certificates in numerous courses, including Coach Export Races, Montmorency College Courses, Osteopathy and a number of others. He has been a personal trainer for over 8 years and currently works as a fitness and nutrition coach at the Atlantis Gym. He is planning to compete in bodybuilding competitions in the foreseeable future.

SNC Direct is truly the home for BPI Sports supplements here in the UK if you are looking for cheap bodybuilding supplements and health support formulas.

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